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Rehoboam : 1st King of Judah

CLICK HERE FOR CHART Rehoboam : 1st King of Judah (1 Kings 12:1-24, 14:21-31) Rehoboam’s accession, The people’s petition, His rough answer. (1-15): The tribes complained not to Rehoboam of his father’s idolatry, and revolt from God. That which was the greatest grievance, was none to them; so careless were they in matters of religion,…. […]

Kings and Prophets– Southern Kingdom

CLICK HERE FOR CHART The southern kingdom of Judah, essentially the tribes of Judah and Benjamin that remained loyal to Rehoboam, son of King Solomon, maintained its capital in Jerusalem and enjoyed three-and-a-half centuries of Davidic kings upon the throne. Perched on a hill, Judah was limited to producing cereal crops, vines, olives, and sheep. […]

Ahaziah, 8th King of Israel and Elija...

1 Kings 22 Ahab Killed in Battle (continuation) Micaiah imprisoned. (18-28): V. 23…lying spirit in the mouth of all these…prophets: Though God does not do evil, HE uses an evil agent to fulfill His purpose. V.24…how did the Spirit of the LORD go from me to speak to you?: Zedekiah believed that he was influenced […]

Naboth and Ahab

1 Kings 21: Naboth’s Vineyard Ahab covets Naboth’s vineyard. (1-4): Discontent is a sin that is its own punishment, and makes men torment themselves. Ahab failed to obey the commandment that says, ”do not Covet.” Naboth murdered by Jezebel. (5-16): When, instead of a help meet, a man has an agent for Satan, in the form […]

Call of Elisha and Syrian War

Call of Elisha: 1 Kings 19:19-21: Elijah found Elisha by Divine direction, not in the schools of the prophets, but in the field; not reading, or praying, or sacrificing, but ploughing. Idleness is no man’s honour, nor is ploughing any man’s disgrace… His heart was touched by the Holy Spirit, and he was ready to […]

Elijah's Self Pity, God's G...

Kings and prophets of the Bible – Northern Kingdom (Israel) Elijah’s encounter with God in Beersheba (1 Kings 19:1-18): When Elijah reached Beersheba, he left his servant there(v.3) and went into the wilderness (v.4). V.4:… It is enough! Now, LORD take my life… Elijah was so hopeless, dejected, and miserable that he wanted to die. […]

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