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2 Samuel 14: Absalom returns to Jerusalem

Joab procures Absalom’s recall. (1-20) We may notice here, how this widow pleads God’s mercy, and his clemency toward poor guilty sinners. The state of sinners is a state of banishment from God.
Vs. 1-3: The king’s heart was concerned about Absalom… David was neither positive nor negative towards Absalom. Knowing this, Joab planned for a reconciliation process. Also, it should be noted that Joab was not supporting Absalom.
Vs. 4-7: The lady wanted David to put aside the death penalty according to Numbers 35:31. The reason was to save a family and her source of income. Though Absalom was not the heir by birth, but in the eyes of the people and his familiarity he was.
Vs. 8-17: Initially the king was avoiding a direct judgment in this case (Vs. 8 & 10). But she pressed on immediate ruling. David was suspicious about this story and the involvement of Joab. But he acted only after the lady broke the reason behind the story, David started acting on it.
Vs. 18-20: Now, David also wanted to know if Joab is involved in this process. However, he has agreed to bring Absalom to the City.
Absalom recalled. (21-24) David was inclined to favour Absalom. He could not do it on the basis of executing justice but he could do it based on a justification.
V. 24:…do not let him see my face.. David was unwilling to punish, also unwilling to forgive. These words of David was seen as an incomplete forgiveness V. 32.
His personal beauty. (25-27) Nothing is said of Absalom’s wisdom and piety. All here said of him is, that he was very handsome. We see a poor commendation for a man that had nothing else in him valuable. His beauty and long hair helped him to charm people towards himself, but his hair caused his life at the end. May the Lord grant us the beauty of holiness, and the adorning of a meek and quiet spirit!
He is admitted to his father’s presence. (28-33) Absalom compelled forgiveness from the king through Joab. Absalom wanted an utter banishment from the royal family or admittance in the royal family. Finally, king David forgave him by his kiss.
David had to do it, even though this admittance in the Royal family, caused Israel unrest, and for David, his kingdom for a brief period.

Chapter 15:

We read about Absalom’s rebellion in chapters 15 through 19.
This long section of 2 Samuel is divided into six parts:
(1) Absalom’s conspiracy and proclaiming himself king (15:1–12);
(2) David’s escape from Absalom, and the people he met on the way (15:13–16:14);
(3) the war council where the competition between Ahithophel and Hushai
determines David’s fate (16:15–17:23);
(4) David’s favorable reception at Mahanaim (17:24–29);
(5) the battle and the death of Absalom (18:1–19:8a); and
(6) David’s return to Jerusalem (19:8b–43).