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1 Chronicles 11,12 & 13

CLICK HERE FOR CHART 1 Chronicles 11: David Anointed as King David raised to the throne. (1-9): David was brought to possess the throne of Israel after he had reigned seven years in Hebron, over Judah only. God’s counsels will be fulfilled at last. Even when Saul was king, it was David who led and […]

1 Chronicles 8 & 9

CLICK HERE FOR CHART 1 Chronicles 7 The northern tribes (7:1–40) 1. Issachar (1-6), 2.Benjamin (6-12), 3.Naphtali (13) & Manasseh–west (14-19), 4.Ephraim (20-29), 5.Asher (70-40). The greatest amount of detail is devoted to Judah, Levi, and Benjamin. Vs. 20-29: Genealogy of Joshua: Joshua is the famous Ephraimite who became the successor of Moses. The Ephraim […]

1 Chronicles 6 & 7

CLICK HERE FOR CHART 1 Chronicles 6: Descendants of Levi. 1 Chron. 6:31–48 David appointed Levis for the service of song (v. 31 & 32) and Service in the Tabernacle. 1 Chron. 6:31–47 Genealogical details are provided of the Levites whom David put in charge of the service of song (v. 31 & 32) before […]

1 Chronicles 5 & 6

CLICK HERE FOR CHART 1 Chronicles 5: he Transjordanian Tribes Descendants of Reuben (1-10), Gad (11-17) & Manasseh-East (23-26) These 2 and half tribes were allotted their portions first before the Israelites crossed River Jordon. By the time of post-exilic period these tribes lost their identity as they were invaded and scattered by Assyrian invasion […]

1 Chronicles 3 & 4

CLICK HERE FOR CHART 1 Chronicles 3 Continuation…. The family of David: 1 Chronicles 2:10-17 continues here. This is a combined list of Descendants of David in 3 sections. 1. David’s Children (3:1-9), 2. Solomon and the kings of Judah (10-16), 3. The Postexilic generations (17-24): Though monarchy fell and ceased to function after the […]

Southern Kingdom (Judah)

CLICK HERE FOR CHART 1 Chronicles 2- 8 Genealogy from Sons of Israel till period of Ezra Chapters 2-8 talks about the genealogy starting from the sons of Israel, by giving importance to the tribes of Judah and Levi as the author intend to focus on the Kings, especially Davidic Covenant his lineage. Also, he […]

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