1 Chronicles 6: Descendants of Levi.
1 Chron. 6:31–48 David appointed Levis for the service of song (v. 31 & 32) and Service in the Tabernacle.
1 Chron. 6:31–47 Genealogical details are provided of the Levites whom David put in charge of the service of song (v. 31 & 32) before the ark in Jerusalem.

Their leaders were appointed from each of the Levitical clans:
1. Heman, from the Kohathites (6:33–38);
2. Asaph, from the Gershomites (vv. 39–43); and
3. Ethan, from the Merarites (vv. 44–47).
Each line is traced back vertically to Levi.

1 Chron. 6:48… Their brothers were appointed for the service of the Tabernacle.

1 Chron. 6:49–53: Aaronic Priesthood: The work of the Aaronic priests in making atonement for Israel will be a recurrent theme in the narrative as the means of restoring and maintaining Israel’s relationship with God (see 2 Chron. 13:10–11; 29:21).

1 Chronicles 6:50–53 repeat vv. 4–8 to enclose the Levitical genealogies within the line of Aaronides down to Zadok and Ahimaaz, who were contemporaries of Solomon. Aaron’s first two sons, Nadab and Abihu, who died for their disobedience, are not mentioned here (Num. 3:2–4).

1 Chron. 6:54–81: LEVITICAL CITIES…Summarized from Joshua 21 with some small omissions and variations of order. As a sign of their central role in the nation’s life and well-being, it was intended that the Levites, with no allocated tribal land of their own, should reside throughout the tribal territory of Israel as spiritual representatives and leaders of the people

Genealogy of Israel:
The Southern tribes (2:3 –4:43)
1. Judah (2:3–4:23),
2. Simeon (4:24–43)
The Transjordanian tribes (5:1–26)
3. Reuben
4. Gad
5. Manasseh
The Priestly tribe
6. Levi (6:1–81)

1 Chronicles 7
The northern tribes (7:1–40)
7. Issachar (7:1-6)
8. Benjamin (7:6-12)
9. Naphtali (7:13)
Manasseh – west (7:14-19)
10. Ephraim (7:20-29)
11. Asher (7:30-40). These men were warriors.

The greatest amount of detail is devoted to Judah, Levi, and Benjamin.
There is no account either of Zebulun or Dan. We can assign no reason why they only should be omitted; but it is the disgrace of the tribe of Dan, that idolatry began in that colony which fixed in Laish, and called it Dan, ( Judges 18 ) and there one of the golden calves was set up by Jeroboam. Dan is omitted in Revelation 7. Men become abominable when they forsake the worship of the true God, for any creature object.

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