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Southern Kingdom (Judah)

CLICK HERE FOR CHART 1 & 2 Chronicles: Introduction. PERSONAL APPLICATION: 1. The books of 1 & 2 Kings (written by Jeremiah) talks about the fact of human responsibility by pointing out that sin leads to defeat (Romans 6:23), whereas the books of 1&2 Chronicles (written by Ezra) talks about the sovereign deliverance of God. […]

Southern Kingdom (Judah)

CLICK HERE FOR CHART Kings and Prophets of the Bible – Southern Kingdom (Judah) Let us pause here to go back to 1 & 2 Chronicles which talk about the genealogy from Adam until King Saul, reign of David, Reign of Solomon. We will quickly go through making necessary stops. 1 & 2 Chronicles: Introduction. […]

Rehoboam : 1st King of Judah

CLICK HERE FOR CHART Rehoboam : 1st King of Judah (1 Kings 12:1-24, 14:21-31) Rehoboam’s accession, The people’s petition, His rough answer. (1-15): The tribes complained not to Rehoboam of his father’s idolatry, and revolt from God. That which was the greatest grievance, was none to them; so careless were they in matters of religion,…. […]

Kings and Prophets– Southern Kingdom

CLICK HERE FOR CHART The southern kingdom of Judah, essentially the tribes of Judah and Benjamin that remained loyal to Rehoboam, son of King Solomon, maintained its capital in Jerusalem and enjoyed three-and-a-half centuries of Davidic kings upon the throne. Perched on a hill, Judah was limited to producing cereal crops, vines, olives, and sheep. […]

Kings and Prophets of the Bible ̵...

Hoshea (730-721): 19th last King of Israel, the lone king in the 9th dynasty. (2 Kings 17:1- 4) – Ruled for 9 years, – Hoshea reestablished his vassal (gave loyalty to a feudal lord by paying tribute) with Shalmaneser V (727-722), the successor Tiglath-Pileser. Later he defaulted his vassal and tried to align with Egypt […]

Kings and Prophets of the Bible ̵...

Books covered under Kings and prophets of both northern (Israel) kingdom and Southern (Judah) Kingdom. KINGS: Both Israel and Judah: 1 Kings 12-22, 2 Kings, and 2 Chronicles 10- 36 PROPHETS: Canonical Prophets and Non-Canonical prophets. What is canon? The word canon is used to describe those books recognized as inspired of God. The word […]

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