2 Samuel 15 Cont..:

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David prays against Ahithophel’s counsel. (31-37): David prays not against Ahithophel’s person, but against his counsel. He prayed this, in firm belief that God has all hearts in his hand, and tongues also.

Vs.31&32: Ahithophel… He was David’s close and trusted counselor, but he turned out to be Absalom’s supporter. So, David prayed to the LORD to turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness… it appears that David’s prayer was appropriately answered by the arrival of Hushai.

Vs. 33-37: David urges him not to follow him instead asked him to be his undercover at Absalom so that he can inform any news to Abiathar and Zadom who would in turn inform David. So, the wise man Ahithophel’s counsel would be thwarted.

2 Samuel 16:

Ziba’s falsehood. (1-4):

Vs. 1&2: Ziba was Saul’s servant who became the servant of Mephiboshet during David’s time. He met David with much provision.

V. 3 …house of Israel will restore the kingdom of my father to me…: Ziba deceived David by giving false information about his master (Compare 2 Samuel 19:24-29).

V. 4 “…all that belongs to Mephibosheth is your.”: David judged too quickly without hearing the other side of the story.

David cursed by Shimei. (5-14):

Vs. 5-8:… Shimei… Shimei is a distance relative of Saul from Bahurim, a Benjamite city. In short, Shimei was cursing David mainly because of the fate of Saul’s family. Here we don’t have any reference about his association with Absalom.

Vs. 9-13:… Abishai… was ready to act. But Saul found it as inappropriate to do. What have I to do with you…(10) Their views on things don’t go together. …for the LORD has ordered him…(11)… This is David usual way of approaching things by having faith in God. Again, David may have in back of his mind that God is punishing him for his sin. …the LORD will repay me with good for his cursing this day…(12) In David’s view ‘it is better to go through affliction instead of avoiding it.

Ahithophel’s counsel. (15-23):

Vs. 15-19:… Absalom…Ahithophel…Hushai…: Arrival of the king and his counsels in Jerusalem. Is this your loyalty to your friend…(17) Absalom questions the loyalty and sincerity of Hushai. In verses 18 & 19, Hushai succeeded with his best words.

Vs. 21&22: …Give advice as to what we should do… Ahithophel’s counsel was outrageous. But Nathan prophesied such event (2 Samuel 12:11), and the roof top may the the same rooftop may have been the same from where David saw Bathsheba (11:2).

V. 23:… Oracle of God… Bothe Absalom and David would look forward to hear what Ahithophel would say. Because, whatever he uttered, that was like the word from God to follow.