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David’s declining age. (1-4): We have David sinking under infirmities. He was chastised for his recent sins, and felt the effects of his former toils and hardships.

Adonijah aspires to the throne. (5-10): Adonijah was 4th child for David. The first, Amnon and the third Absalom were dead according to 2 Samuel chapters 13- 18. The second son Chileab, is presumed dead as he was not mentioned after 2 Samuel 3. So, Adonijah claims his right to be the successor. This is in contrary to David who waited until God’s timing.

V. 6: His father had never asked, “Why have you done thus and so?”… Adonijah was, like Absalom, a child of parental negligence. David never held Adonijah accountable for his actions.

V. 7: Then he conferred with Joab….and with Abiathar: Adonijah, in his rebellion, consulted with Joab and Abiathar. Joab was the general and nephew of David. Abiathar was the priest, the descendant of Aaron through Ithamar (1 chro. 24:3). Also he is from the line of …… 1 Samuel 2:30 – 33.

V. 8: Zadok, the priest, Benaiah…,Nathan the prophet… Zadok the priest was the descendant of Aaron through Eleazar (2:35) After the execution of Adonijah and Joab, Benaiah became Solomon’s military leader. Nathan the prophet, along with Zadok and Benaiah, remained loyal to David and his son Solomon.

Vs. 11-26: Nathan and Bathsheba before David: Nathan send Bathsheba first to stand privately before the king so that whatever personal she can speak to the king. Nathan entered at the right time to support Bathsheba and updated about everything that was happening outside the palace.

David proclaims Solomon King (28-53):

V. 29 (V. 30 in Tamil) : …Lord…who has redeemed my life…: God had allowed something redemptive to come out of David’s failure with Bathsheba. Even though sin has it’s consequence, if we turn to God and turn all our failures to God can bring something out of that. God is a redeemer in every generation.

Vs. 29-36: David gave prominence to Zadok the priest, Nathan the prophet, and Benaiah, the captain of the guard to anoint Solomon as the king of Israel.

V. 38: Cherethites and Pelethites: These are probably David’s personal bodyguards that David chose from non-Israelites of Canaan.

V. 39: Tabernacle: This should be the Tent of the LORD David has established in Jerusalem other than the one in Gibeon.

Vs. 41-49: Guests….heard it (41)… and each one went his way (49): These are the ones with Adonijah after hearing the detailed news about Solomon’s coronation went away quietly.

V. 46…Also, Solomon sits on the throne of the kingdom…: Solomon served as coregent with David for a period of time.

V. 47: Bowed himself on the bed: Means David praised God while in bed.

V. 50 horns of the altar:This reflects a common ancient Near Eastern custom with regard to asylum at shrines (cf. Ex. 21:12–14).

Comparison of 1–2 Chronicles with 2 Samuel and 1–2 Kings

1Chronicles 2 Samuel
Genealogies  1:1–9:44
Death of Saul and sons 10:1–14 1 Sam. 31:1–2 Sam. 1:16
Lament for Saul  2 Sam. 1:17–27
David king of Judah 2:1–7
War between house of Saul and David; Ish-bosheth made king 2:8–3:1
David’s sons in Hebron  3:2–5
Abner helps David 3:6–21
Joab kills Abner 3:22–39
Ish-bosheth killed  4:1–12
David king of Judah and Israel 11:1–3 5:1–5
Conquest of Jerusalem 11:4–9 5:6–10
David’s mighty men 11:10–47 23:8–39
David’s men at Ziklag 12:1–22
Celebration at Hebron 12:23–40
Attempted return of ark; death of Uzzah 13:1–14 6:1–11
David’s house built 14:1–2 5:11–12
David’s children in Jerusalem 14:3–7 5:13–16
David defeats Philistines 14:8–17 5:17–25
Spiritual preparation for the ark’s return 15:1–24
Ark brought to Jerusalem 15:25–16:6 6:12–19
David and Michal  6:20–23
David’s psalm of praise 16:7–43
David’s desire to build the temple 17:1–2  7:1–3
Davidic covenant 17:3–15 7:4–17
David’s prayer of praise 17:16–27 7:18–29
David’s victories 18:1–13 8:1–14
David’s officials 18:14–17 8:15–18
David helps Mephibosheth 9:1–13
Ammonites defeated 19:1–15 10:1–14
Syrians defeated 19:16–19 10:15–19
Ammonites defeated 20:1–3 11:1;12:26–31
David and Bathsheba 11:2–12:25
Amnon, Tamar, and Absalom 13:1–14:33
Absalom’s rebellion 15:1–19:43
Sheba’s rebellion 20:1–26
Famine; death of Saul’s sons 21:1–14
War with Philistines; the Philistine giants 20:4–8 21:15–22
David’s psalm of deliverance  22:1–51
David’s last words 23:1–7
David’s census 21:1–27 24:1–25
David plans for the temple 21:28–22:5
David’s charge to Solomon and the leaders 22:6–19
David organizes temple personnel 23:1–26:32
Israel’s military  27:1–15
Israel’s leaders 27:16–34
David’s charge to Israel; affirmation of Solomon 28:1–10
Pattern for the temple 28:11–21
Offerings for the temple 29:1–9
David’s prayer of thanks for the temple 29:10–19
1 Kings
David and Abishag 1:1–4
Adonijah claims the throne 1:5–27
Solomon’s coronation  29:20–25 1:28–40
David instructs Solomon 2:1–9
Death of David 29:26–30 2:10–11
Solomon establishes his kingdom 2:12–46