1st King of Israel: Jeroboam I (930-910) reigned 22. ( 1 Kings 11:26 – 14:20)

2nd King of Israel: Nadab (910-909 BC) reigned 2 years. (1 Kings 15:25-32) – 2nd King of first dynasty.
Nadab ruled 2 years and did evil in the sight of the LORD. He was killed by his successor Bashaa. All that the LORD prophesized against Jeroboam was fulfilled (vs. 28-30).

3rd King of Israel: Baasha (910 – 887) reigned 24 years. (1 Kings 15:27–16:7). 1st King of 2nd dynasty.
Baasha engaged in war with Asa king of Judah throughout his reign.
There was a prophecy by Jehu against his house (1 Kings 16: 1-4) which is fulfilled by the assassination of Elah the son of Baasha By Zimri (vs. 8-10).

4th King of Israel: Elah (887-886) reigned 2 years. (1 Kings 16:8-14) 2nd King of 2nd dynasty.
Elah who ruled for 2 years, and he was murdered by his successor Zimri while he was drunk. V. 11 talks about Zimri proceeded to dispose of all the survivors of the house of Baasha fulfilling the prophecy of 1 kings 16:3.

5th King of Israel: Zimri (886) reigned 7 days. (1 Kings 16:15-14) Only King of 3rd
Zimri reigned only for seven days. When the people heard about what he has done to Elah, they selected Omri as their captain and rebelled. This lead Zimri to commit suicide by burning his palace.

6th King of Israel: Omri (886-875) reigned 12 years. (1 Kings 16:21-28) 1st
king of 4th dynasty.
Due to confusion people of Israel was divided into two. Half of them followed Omri (V. 21)and half of them followed Tibni (v.21). But support to Tibni was weakened soon and Omri became the king of Israel.
New City of Samaria was built (V. 24): Omri’s achievement was building Samaria as the capital city. Shechem was the capital for the 10 tribes for a brief period (12:25). Jeroboam moved it to Tirza (14:17), and it remained as capital until Omri built Samaria.

7th King of Israel: Ahab (875-854) reigned 22 years. (1 Kings 16:29-22:40) 2nd
king of 4th dynasty. Ahab was the worst king in Israel.
V. 31… sinned more.
Married Jezebel, the daughter of Ebaal, the king of Sidonians.
V. 32… Built Temple of Baal and set up altar there for Baal.
V.33… Made wooden image
Did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger.
V. 34… Hiel was allowed to built Jericho, and as per God’s word to Joshua (Joshua 6:26), Hiel lost his sons.