1 Kings 21: Naboth’s Vineyard

Ahab covets Naboth’s vineyard. (1-4): Discontent is a sin that is its own punishment, and makes men torment themselves. Ahab failed to obey the commandment that says, ”do not Covet.”

Naboth murdered by Jezebel. (5-16): When, instead of a help meet, a man has an agent for Satan, in the form of an artful, unprincipled, yet beloved wife, fatal effects may be expected. Never were more wicked orders given by any prince, than those Jezebel sent to the rulers of Jezreel. Naboth must be murdered under colour of religion. There is no wickedness so vile, so horrid, but religion has sometimes been made a cover for it. Also, it must be done under colour of justice, and with the formalities of legal process.

Elijah denounces judgments against Ahab. (17-29): Jezebel his wife stirred him up to do wickedly. Ahab is reproved, and his sin set before his eyes, by Elijah.

V. 19…In the place where dogs licked up the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick your own blood…. According to 22:34–37, Ahab did not outside Jezreel “in the place” where Naboth was stoned (21:19; cf. v. 13); Though God postpones the consequences of Ahab’s sin, He does not negate the punishment. Ahab died in battle and was buried in Samaria and yet, when dogs in Samaria lick up his blood washed from his chariot, the authors declare that to be according to these words (22:38). It may be that Ahab humbled himself, the punishment was not exactly as it is said in 21:19; still dogs licked the blood of Ahab, not where Naboth was killed, but in Samaria.

V. 25… sold himself to do what was evil in the sight of the Lord…Paul complains that he was sold under sin, Ro. 7:14 , as a poor captive against his will; but Ahab was willing, he sold himself to sin; of choice, and as his own act and deed, he loved the dominion of sin. – Mathew Henry Concise Commentary.

Ahab was incited by his evil wife, Jezebel.

V. 29… Because he has humbled himself before me,…: Ahab was the worst of kings (vv. 25–26), adding to Jeroboam’s sin the worship of Baal (16:30–33). But the great sinner demonstrates penitence at this point, and avoids God’s judgment on his house in his lifetime.

1 Kings 22 Ahab Killed in Battle.

Although the house of Ahab stands under a prophetic curse, the full outworking of God’s wrath will be delayed until the reign of Ahab’s son (see 21:27–29). Ahab’s own death, however, has now been foretold by two different prophets, with apparently no delay in sight (20:41–42; 21:19); the appearance of a third prophet now brings the reader to that event. – ESV Study Bible.

Ahab makes a league with Jehoshaphat. (1-4): Jehoshaphath’s son Jehoram had married Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. So, it is not surprising to see the reason for the alliance.

Micaiah predicts the death of Ahab. (5-28)

Vs. 5-9: Jehoshaphat wisely insisted on divine counsel before he engages in a battle. When Ahab’s prophets prophesied promising victory in the war with Syria, Jehoshaphat was hesitant because he understood that these people are are interested in saying what would please the king and not speaking in the interest of Ahab. Ahab was not interested in listening from the prophet of God Micaiah. But Ahab summoned Micaiah as Jehoshaphat insisted.

Vs. 11 & 12…you shall push the Syrians until they are destroyed…: Meanwhile Zedekiah acted out a prophecy about Ahab’s easy victory over Syria. All other false prophets talked in the same tone.

Vs. 13 & 14 “…let your word be like the word of one of them”….What the LORD says to me, that I will speak”…Messenger gave heads up about what was going on around the king and Micaiah incline to speak what the LORD wants him to speak against the expectation.

Vs. 15 & 16…Go up and triumph…: To their surprise, Micaiah prophesized in line with the false prophets. But Ahab knew this is just a mocking repetition of the false prophets. But Ahab insisted to speak nothing but the truth in the name of the LORD.

V. 17…sheep that have no shepherd…: Jesus used this picture in Mark 6:34.