1 Kings 22 Ahab Killed in Battle (continuation)

Micaiah imprisoned. (18-28):

V. 23…lying spirit in the mouth of all these…prophets: Though God does not do evil, HE uses an evil agent to fulfill His purpose.

V.24…how did the Spirit of the LORD go from me to speak to you?: Zedekiah believed that he was influenced by the Spirit of the LORD only. So he was wondering how the Spirit of the LORD went from him to Micaiah. At the same time he knew that the Spirit of the LORD can’t be speaking to both him and Micaiah with conflicting message.

V. 25…you shall see on that day….you go into an inner chamber… Micaiah claimed that when the disaster,according to his prediction, strikes when Zedekiah will be forced to hide himself in an inner Chamber.

Vs.26 & 27…Amnon….Joash: Amnon is one of high officials of Ahab controlling the city affairs. Joash is Ahab’s son who was responsible for the confined prisoners.

V.28:…If you return in peace, the LORD has not spoken by me…: Micaiah was confident about the fulfilment of the LORD’s prophecy through him.

Death of Ahab. (29-40):

Ahab basely intended to betray Johoshaphat to danger, that he might secure himself. See what they get that join with wicked men. How can it be expected that he should be true to his friend, who has been false to his God! He had said in compliment to Ahab, I am as thou art, and now he was indeed taken for him. Those that associate with evil-doers, are in danger of sharing in their plagues. By Jehoshaphat’s deliverance, God let him know, that though he was displeased with him, yet he had not deserted him. God is a friend that will not fail us when other friends do. Let no man think to hide himself from God’s judgment. God directed the arrow to hit Ahab; those cannot escape with life, whom God has doomed to death. Ahab lived long enough to see part of Micaiah’s prophecy accomplished. He had time to feel himself die; with what horror must he have thought upon the wickedness he had committed! – Mathew Henry Concise Commentary.

Ahaziah’s evil reign over Israel. (51-53):

Ahaziah’s reign was very short, not two years; some sinners God makes quick work with. A very bad character is given of him; he listened not to instruction, took no warning, but followed the example of his wicked father, and the counsel of his more wicked mother, Jezebel, who was still living. Miserable are the children who not only derive a sinful nature from their parents, but are taught by them to increase it; and most unhappy parents are they, that help to damn their children’s souls. Hardened sinners rush forward, unawed and unmoved, in the ways from which others before them have been driven into everlasting misery. – Mathew Henry Concise Commentary.

2 Kings 1

The revolt of Moab – Sickness of Ahaziah. – appearance of Elijah. (1-8)

V. 1…Moab rebelled against Israel… Ahaziah was the 8th ruler of the northern kingdom of Israel. When Ahaziah rebelled against the Lord, Moab revolted from him. This is just a mention of the revolt and the details continue in Chapter 3.

V.2 …Ahaziah fell…lay sick…inquire of Baal-Zbub, the God of Ekron… Ekron was an important Philistine city about 25 miles (40 km) west of Jerusalem. Ahaziah, as eveil and idolatrous as his father Ahab and his mother Jezebel,attempted to consult Baal-Zebub, the local god of Ekron.

V. 3…Angel of the LORD… When man sends messenger, God sends Angels. 1 Kings 19:1-7. Elijah met Ahazia’s delegation to Ekron.

V. 4…you shall not come down from the bed to which you have gone up…shall surely die,… This judgment of God is due to Ahaziah’s rebellion against God of Israel.

Fire called from heaven by Elijah-Death of Ahaziah. (9-18)

Vs. 9 & 10…king sent to him a captain of fifty men… The intension of Ahaziah is to have Elijah seized. But Elijah miraculously called down fire to destroy his would-be captors. He did the same to the 2nd batch of men in vs. 11,12