The sons of the prophets enlarge their habitations, & Iron made to float. (1-7):

Vs. 1 & 2:…place where we dwell with you is too small… There was a need in the ministry. But work out you need instead of asking Naaman for funds (V.2).

Vs. 3&4:…please consent to go with your servants… Take Jesus to your work place.

V. 5:…axe head fell into the water and he cried…it was borrowed… We ought to be careful of that which is borrowed, as of our own.

Vs. 6&7:…he made the iron float… pick it up for yourself… Elisha had the experience of manipulating the waters of Jordan by God’s power in Chapter 2.

Elisha discloses the counsels of the Syrians. (8-12):

V. 8:…king of Syria was making war against Israel…It should have been some years since Naaman’s healing, and now the relationship between Israel and Syria have changed. It should be Ben-hadad II (in the general period of 860-841 BC).

V. 9:…beware that you do not pass this place…Elisha voluntarily helped Jehoram though he has not repented of his sins by continuing in the sins of Jeroboam. May be it is not time of the LORD to fulfill the prophecy regarding Ahab’s family.

V. 10-12:…servant said,”…Elisha…tells the king of Israel…you speak in your bedroom.” This servant had a great knowledge about the power of Elisha’s God but he did not use it properly.

Syrians sent to seize Elisha. (13-23):

Vs. 13 & 14:…surely he is in Dothan…therefore he sent…a great army… Ben-Hadad pursued Elisha instead of warring against Israel. Dothan is 10 miles north of Israel’s capital city of Samaria. Also, Syrian kings sent a big army to catch one man, Elisha. The world thinks that it needs a great muscle power to subdue God’s power.

Vs. 15 & 16:…what shall we do?…those who are with us are more than those who are with them… It is understood by Elisha’s calm reply to the alarming report of the servant that Elisha knew about everything from the plan to attack, siege and the provision of God. The servant could not see what Elisha’s could see.

V. 17…open the eyes of the young man… Elisha’s servant could not see the army of the LORD, not because he was inferior but servant’s eyes were looking only at the naturals, and he failed to see things in the spiritual realm. This is the sign of our unbelief or inactive faith. The army of the LORD was MORE THAN THE GREAT ARMY OF MAN.

V. 18…strike this people, I pray, with blindness… The blindness is not about physical blindness because Elisha told them this is not Dothan. They have already located the city and they would not have believed. It is a mental blindness that they were confused about the place which they knew for sure. What the contrast between verse 17 and verse 18.

Vs. 19 & 20…I will bring you to the man whom you seek”… Indeed Elisha, when he brought them to Samaria and opened their eyes, they saw the man they were looking for standing in front of them.

V. 21-23…would you kill those whom you have taken captive… Elisha did not allow Jehoram to kill them because they were not captured with bow and arrow. These people were to be treated as guests and sent away after a feast. …Syrian raiders came no more into the land of Istael…(23) The Syrian king and his men could not overpower the power of God which helped the people of Israel.