So far we have seen 9 kings in 4 dynasty.
1. Jeroboam Dynasty – 2 kings- Jeroboam and Nadab. 2. Baasha Dynasty – 2 kings – Baasha and Dlah 3. Zimri Dynasty – 1 king. 4. Omri Dynasty – 4 kings – Omri, Ahab, Ahaziah, and Jehoram

2 Kings 8:25 – 9:37 End of Ahab’s household and Reign of Jehu.

War against Syriya (2 Kings 8:25-29):

Jehoram, the King of Israel and Ahaziah, the king of Judah went on a battle against Hazael, the king of Syria in Ramoth Gilead where Hazael wounded Jehoram severely. So Jehoram withdrew to Jezraeel, his stronghold for healing. But he fell sick. And Ahaziah went to see him in Jezreel.

Jehu: 10th King of Israel. 1st king of the 5th dynasty. (1-13):

What the LORD had told Elijah when HE commanded to anoint Jehu as the king over Israel, which Elijah failed to do, is still in the plan of God. Now, God is accomplishing this through Prophet Elisha. Jehu was in God’s mind not because he was good, but God had to use someone in the command to do a hasty cleansing of the dynasty by eliminating Ahab’s entire family.

V. 1…. Ramoth Gilead… They army was still in Ramoth Gilead even after the king has withdrawn to Jezreel.

V. 7…. You shall strike down the house of Ahab… The message contains the purpose of the elevation of Jehu as the king. He had to strike down the King, Jezebel and all the household of king Ahab. …avenge the blood… It is not simply punishing the royal family for being bad, but to avenge the blood of the prophets of the LORD by Jezebel. Again, this is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the LORD to Prophet Elijah 1 Kings 19:17. Jehoram escaped the sword of Hazael only to be slain by Jehu.

V. 10…There shall be no one to bury her… It was terrible dishonor to the dead one not to accord a proper burial.

V. 13…. Jehu is king… The army men made Jehu as the king of Israel. There was kind of unrest as they were in the middle of the war without no command from the king as the king retreated himself to Jezreel to heal the wounds he received from Hazael, the king of Syria. Moreover, he fell sick in Jezreel causing uncertainty. The entire situation made the people to elevate Jehu as the king of Israel.

Joram and Ahaziah slain by Jehu. (14-29):

Jehu was a man of eager spirit. The wisdom of God is seen in the choice of those employed in his work.… Joram met Jehu in the portion of Naboth. The circumstances of events are sometimes ordered by Divine Providence…,. Ahaziah was joined with the house of Ahab. He was one of them; he had made himself so by sin. It is dangerous to join evil-doers; we shall be entangled in guilt and misery by it. – Mathew Henry.

V. 15…. No one leave or escape…to go and tell it in Jezreel… Jehu was hasty in accomplishing everything that was told him by the prophet. Also, he made sure the king does not know any development. In verse 16, he make a hasty trip to Jezreel to meet Jehoram.

V. 18 & 19…. What do you have to do with peace?… Jehu quietened the messenger from Jehoram.

V. 21….met him on the property of Naboth, the Jezreelite… Johoram, along with Ahaziah, the KOJ met Jehu at the God intended place.

V. 22…harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcraft are so many… Jehoram is concerned about Ramoth Gilead, but God is concerned about Jezreel.

Vs. 23-26…. Arrow came out at his heart and he sank down… The arrow of Jehu killed Jehoram.

Vs. 27-29…. Ahaziah…fled to Megiddo, and died there.… Jehu pursued Ahaziah the KOJ also and killed him. It is to be noted that Ahaziah’s mom Athaliah was the daughter of Jezebel, and sister of Jehoram KOI.

Death of Jezebel. (30-37):

V. 30…. Put paint on her eyes…adorned…looked through window… Jezebel devilishly brave in facing her death. This type of adornment represents the goddess Astarte, one of Baal’s wives.

Vs. 32-37…. No more of her that the skull,… The judgment of the LORD has come true. …so they shall not say, “here lies Jezebel.” God shall erase even the graveyard of HIS enemies. According to 1 Cor. 15:26, The last enemy that shall be abolished is death.