End of Ahab’s household and Reign of Jehu.

Jehu killed 70 sons of Ahab by challenging their guardians. (1-11)

In the most awful events, though attended by the basest crimes of man, the truth and justice of God are to be noticed;and he never did nor can command any thing unjust or unreasonable. Jehu destroyed all that remained of the house of Ahab; all who had been partners in his wickedness. When we think upon the sufferings and miseries of mankind, when we look forward to the resurrection and last judgment, and think upon the vast number of the wicked waiting their awful sentence of everlasting fire; when the whole sum of death and misery has been considered, the solemn question occurs, Who slew all these? The answer is, SIN. Shall we then harbour sin in our bosoms, and seek for happiness from that which is the cause of all misery? – Mathew Henry Concise Commentary.

V. 1…. Guardians of the sons of Ahab… The rulers and elders of the city were the guardians for the sons of Ahab.

Vs. 2 & 3….set him on his father’s throne…fight for your master’s house… The entire army was not still under Jehu’s control and Jehu wanted to know if there is going to be a voluntary surrender to his kingship or if there should be a military action.

Vs. 4 & 5….two kings could not stand up…we will do all you tell us… The leaders and the elders surrendered themselves to Jehu and were willing to do according to Jehu’s order.

Vs. 6 & 7….heads of the men, your master’s sons… The leaders did slain the 70 sons and sent their heads to Jehu.

Vs. 8 & 9…. But who killed all these?… Jehu knew those who slain the 70 sons of Ahab, but not the people.

V. 10….the LORD has done… Jehu, being an instrument to execute the judgement of God, is confirming it to the people that it’s the work of the LORD according to HIS Prophecy through Elijah.

Jehu killed 42 brothers and cousins of King Ahazia of Judah. (12-14)

Vs. 12-14….brothers of Ahaziah… Jehu met these 42 people travelling to Jezreel to meet and greet the 70 sons of Ahab and Jezebel. Jehu and his men killed those 42 relatives of Ahab’s family.

Jehu kills Ahab’s family in Samaria- Jehonadab as witness (15-17)

V. 15…Jehonadab….is your heart right….Jehu was already on his way to Samaria from Jezreel to eliminate rest of the Ahab’s family and met Jehonadab on the way.

Vs. 16 & 17…see my zeal…He took Jehonadab with him to witness his zeal for God.

Jehu destroys the worshippers of Baal. (18-27)

Jehu, again, proves himself to follow the command of the LORD that was prophesied through prophet Elijah and through the son of Prophet from Elisha. The law of God was express, that idolaters were to be put to death. Thus idolatry was abolished for the present out of Israel. May we desire that it be rooted out of our hearts.

V. 10…Jehu will serve him much… Killing of Ahab’s family and Ahaziah’s relatives were straight forward. But he was cautious to plan a deceptive strategy to get all the Baal priests and worshippers. The religion of Baal was established well for 33 years. Human enemies are easier to identify and handle that the demonic strongholds.

Vs. 20 & 21…sanctify a solemn assembly…there was not a man left who did not come… It is a royal proclamation which is to be complied by the all concerning people.

V. 23…see there is no servant of the LORD here among you… King was careful not to have any Yahveh’s priest gets killed.

V. 25 -27…demolished…and made it a latrine… The entire Baal worshippers were slain and the Baal temple was utterly destroyed according to the Word of the LORD. Jehu did show Jehonadab his zeal for the Lord of Israel.

Jehu follows Jeroboam’s sins. (29-36)

True conversion is not only from gross sin, but from all sin; not only from false gods, but from false worships. True conversion is not only from wasteful sins, but from gainful sins; not only from sins which hurt our worldly interests, but from those that support and befriend them; in forsaking which is the great trial whether we can deny ourselves and trust God. Jehu showed great care and zeal for rooting out a false religion, but in the true religion he cared not, took no heed to please God and do his duty…. The people were also careless, therefore it is not strange that in those days the Lord began to cut Israel short (v. 32). They were short in their duty to God, therefore God cut them short in their extent, wealth, and power. – Mathew Henry Concise Commentary.

V. 32-35: Cut off parts of Israel using Hazael and death of Jehu.